Hi, I’m Peter Curet.
A developer based in Amsterdam.

Picture of me

I worked for a digital design agency called Edenspiekermann and helped launch a startup in Singapore.

Recently, I worked on smart city solutions for the City of Amsterdam

I’m always on the lookout for opportunities. So go ahead, contact me!

My work

A selection of my projects. Enjoy!


Nomocle is personal project I created to hone my design and full-stack skills. The app is an aggregator for HackerNews topics. Users can create or fork their own dashboards based around topics of interest. Subscribe or track topics, view threads and read up on in depth discussions. View it here

Made with Django, ReactJS


A canvas for everyone

ArtHit is an online marketplace for art, an easy way for anyone to find and buy art and a convenient way for artists to sell their work to a global audience. Read more about the launching the startup here.
ArtHit is now closed.

Made with Python, Django, Scss, Javascript



Mater is 3D-printed jewellery designed using pregnancy data to preserve the experience of motherhood. The designs are generated by combining the ultrasound of the baby and it’s heartbeat. The outcome is always unique, just like every newborn. 

Mater received an honourable mention in the RedDot awards, a prestigious product design prize. The project launched as a startup and is based in Brazil. Watch a video here.

Made with Java, Processing, 3D-printing, Digital fabrication


Schiphol Airport
Design playbook

At Edenspiekermann, I worked for Schiphol International Airport to help redesign their digital identity, UX patterns and user interfaces.

I developed a playbook: a universal hub for maintaining and communicating the design system, from principles that govern the user experience to reusable code snippets ready for implementation. Read more here.

Made with Python, Django, SCSS, Javascript

Schiphol Playbook

A tangible UI
For exploring bio-images

For my Msc. graduation project I designed and implemented a tangible user interface for viewing and navigating through 3D bio-images. The goal of this research was to design an easier way to explore these 3D images by creating a tactile and engaging experience.

Check out some videos here and here.

Made with C++, openFrameworks, Kinect, Projection mapping

Tangible UI

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